Environment Variables

Managing environment variables across your predictors.

Predictor environment variable.
type EnvironmentVariable {

Environment variables are used to specify constants to a predictor in a very secure manner.

The EnvironmentVariable Type

Environment variables can be created for a user or organization account on Function. Once created, the variable will become available to all predictors subsequently created under the account.

Inspecting the Variable Name

Environment variable name.
name: String!

This is the name of the environment variable, and will be made available to the predictors both during provisioning and at runtime.

The variable name is typically uppercase.

Creating an Environment Variable

Environment variables are created with a name and a corresponding value. The variable will become available to all predictors subsequently created.

Environment variable values are securely encrypted, and cannot be viewed after they have been created.

Deleting an Environment Variable

Once an environment variable is deleted, it will no longer be available to new predictors.

Existing predictors will continue to have access to the environment variable even after it is deleted.