Making Predictions in Discord

Boost your Discord servers with predictions.

Function provides a bot that can make predictions right in your Discord server, using slash commands. Here's a quick primer:

Installing Function Bot

Install Function in your Discord server using the following link:

Make predictions in any conversation with the `/predict` slash command.

Doing so will ask you to authorize fxnbot to join your server:

Adding fxnbot to a Discord server

You can only add fxnbot to Discord servers where you are an admin.

Logging in to Function

Function authenticates you using your Discord username. First, head over to Discord and grab your username:

Retrieving your Discord username

You will need to have opted into Discord's new global usernames for this to work. Learn more

Next, head over to your settings page on Function and paste in your Discord username:

Setting your Discord username on Function

Making Predictions

First, we'll need a predictor to make predictions with. You can either use a public predictor on Function, or make your own. In this guide, we'll be using the @samples/stable-diffusion predictor:

You can discover and use public predictors on Function.

We'll be using the Stable Diffusion predictor in this guide.

Next, use head over to Discord and use the /predict slash command to make the prediction:

# Make a prediction in any Discord channel
/predict tag:@samples/stable-diffusion text:An astronaut riding on the moon

Feel free to modify the prompt as you like, then send the message and see the prediction result pop up after a few seconds:

Making a prediction on Discord

Our Discord bot currently supports passing input values by their type (i.e. text, number, image, file, etc) instead of by name.

Predict in Slack