Accessing our API

Accessing our API and building clients.

Most users will access Function through one of our client libraries. But if we do not yet have a client library for your development environment, Function provides an isomorphic GraphQL and REST API.

Making Requests

You can reach the Function APIs at the following URLs:

Authenticating Requests

Most requests must be authenticated. Function provides three schemes for authenticating requests:

Bearer Token

Function supports authentication with a Bearer token. Simply include your Function access key in your request Authorization header:

# Open a terminal and run the following command:
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS KEY>"

You should see your user profile.

Basic Auth

Function also supports BASIC password authentication:

# Open a terminal and run the following command:
curl -u <ACCESS KEY>:

You should see your user profile.

Don't forget the colon 😉

Custom Auth

Often times it is desirable to have your own custom authentication scheme, where you allow others to make predictions on your behalf. The most common use case is for developers who build paid AI products: you typically gate access to your predictors depending on whether a customer has paid you. In this case, Function allows you to set a custom authorizationUrl on your account

auth url

When a user tries to make a prediction with a predictor you own (i.e. the predictor tag begins with your username):

// Create a Function client with an arbitrary access key
const fxn = new Function({ accessKey: "👁👄👁" });
// Make a prediction
const prediction = await fxn.predictions.create({
tag: "@username/some-predictor",

Function will send a POST request to the authorizationUrl you have specified. The request will contain the predictor tag and the user-provided accessKey:

"tag": "@username/some-predictor",
"accessKey": "👁👄👁" // Function will forward you the access key

If your URL responds with a 200 status, Function will authorize the prediction on your behalf.

Note that you will be charged for the prediction being made.

Remember the intro where you installed Function and immediately made a prediction? That worked because @samplefxn uses an authorizationUrl that lets beautiful people make predictions 😉

On the other hand, your endpoint can respond with an error key which will not allow the prediction to be made. The error will be relayed to the user:

"error": "You have not yet paid 😛"

This authentication method only applies to prediction requests. Other endpoints do not support custom authentication.

Building a Function Client

We welcome open-source contributors building their own Function clients. Whether you want to bring Function to a new development environment, or you think you can do a better job on a client than we've done, we welcome you to take a stab at it! Below are a few notes to keep in mind:

Learn more about our APIs with the public schemas.

Ask questions and suggest improvements to our docs.

Come talk to us on Discord.

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